Amending the Tax Return

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The Amended Tax Return:

After filing your return, you may realize you forgot to provide me with some information that may have an impact on the taxes you owe or the refund you’re anticipating. Or perhaps, after we filed, some other tax documents or financial state­ments came in the mail.

The IRS often finds and corrects errors during the processing of returns. However, there are certain situations in which you may need to file an amended return if you wish to correct an error or make other changes to your return.

You should talk to us about filing an amended return if you discover any of the following items were reported incorrectly:

  • Filing status (e.g., married, single, head of household).
  • Dependents (e.g., someone else should have claimed the child).
  • Income (e.g., forgot to include interest or dividends).
  • Deductions or credits (e.g., forgot to include education expenses).

We’ll consider if the change impacts your state return and then possibly file an amended return with the state.

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